Book Review: The Bachelorette Party by Carissa Ann Lynch

“I had the strangest thought—that perhaps I’d died, after all, and now I was just a lonely ghost, wandering these halls for eternity.”

Carissa Ann Lynch, The Bachelorette Party

Title: The Bachelorette Party
Author: Carissa Ann Lynch
Genres: Mystery, Contemporary Fiction
Pages: 388 (Paperback)
Publish Date: November 14th, 2023 (U.S.)

My Rating: ★★
Read: 10/6/2023 – 10/14/2023


At a glance, I was super intrigued by the synopsis of this whodunit book. It didn’t take me long to realize my personality is the opposite of the characters (which I suppose is good under the circumstances?). 

Sic women take a trip to New Orleans for Rosalee’s bachelorette party. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have some reason to resent the impending marriage. Before the end of the weekend, one of them is dead. 

I’m not a party person. Even reading about parties like this stresses me out. My brain didn’t register the dynamic. All that’s on me. My personal taste aside, I wasn’t taken with the writing. I could barely discern which character was which. This was tricky with the number of POVs that narrate the story. A bunch of little things that didn’t click for me resulted in not caring much for the book. There were some good moments of intrigue at least. 

A huge thanks to Harper360 for sending me an ARC of the book!

Likes & Dislikes:

What I liked:

  • New Orleans was a great backdrop for this story.
  • Interesting ending.

What I didn’t like:

  • Too many POVs to keep track of.
  • Choppy in places.


I’m sure some of my disinterest in this book was the bachelorette party dynamic. Obviously, I knew that was going to be the setup given the title, but I didn’t think about the fact it’s not my scene in real life so why would I expect to easily immerse myself? Poor judgment call on my part. But hey, couldn’t resist that pink cover.

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