Book Review: Unpredictable Winds by Thomas T. Chin

“…His fantasies brought him both joy and sadness—the protagonists he admired wouldn’t have been the kind of people that would meet the approval of his father. He also felt abandoned by the books’ characters, who brought him pain without justifying it.”

Thomas T. Chin, Unpredictable Winds

Title: Unpredictable Winds
Author: Thomas T. Chin
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 355 (Kindle)
Published: June 27th, 2022

My Rating: ★★★★½
Read: 6/22/2023 – 6/24/2023


The historical events of this book are not a location of history I know much about. I’ve only caught glimpses in another book or two. I was very excited for the opportunity to delve deeper into this time and place.

Set in Shanghai during the Sino-Japanese War, Lee and Mei’s lives intertwine as they go through this turbulent time not only in the world around them but also in their personal lives. The pages are filled with political intrigue, love and its complications, and rich illustrations of this time in history.

I particularly enjoyed Mei’s character, however, all of the characters stood out in their own way. I enjoyed both the writing and the story immensely. I’m partial to books that immerse me in another culture.

Unpredictable Winds is the first book by Thomas T. Chin and is quite strong for a debut. I hope more will follow sometime in the future!

A huge thanks to the author for sending me a free digital copy of the book to read and review!

Likes & Dislikes:

What I liked:

  • Nice writing.
  • Interesting and likable characters.
  • Good pacing.

What I didn’t like:

  • It took me a little bit to get really into the story.


All in all an enjoyable read. Again, I am looking forward to the author’s future works.

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