Book Review: The Workshop: Week One by Matt Mills

“Whether we write to therapeutically explore our psyches or are simply (foolishly) hunting for wealth and fame, we are out here nonetheless—plugging away, investigating our hearts, chugging whiskey, insulting ourselves, and hating and loving what we discover along the way.”

Matt Mills, The Workshop: Week One

Title: The Workshop: Week One
Series: The Workshop (Book 1)
Author: Matt Mills
Genres: Humor, Literary, Contemporary Fiction
Pages: 167 (Kindle)
Publish Date: May 17th, 2023

My Rating: ★★★★
Read: 5/4/2023 – 5/6/2023


As a hobbyist writer myself, I instantly loved the concept of this series. A group of college students/writers competing for greatness in a sixteen-week creative writing course? I’m in.

The first in a series of sixteen novellas, we follow the nine students along with their works. Each of the characters brings their unique style and talent to the pages with some excerpts of poetry, scriptwriting, short stories, etc. The general narration connects everything together with a polished wit.

This book was a lot of fun and a great start to what promises to be an interesting and unique series. Though the humor wasn’t consistently in line with my own sense, I did laugh out loud a couple of times. I’m looking forward to seeing how this series progresses. Such a fun idea!

A huge thanks to the author for sending me a free digital ARC of the book to read and review!

Likes & Dislikes:

What I liked:

  • The eclectic mix of different writing styles.
  • Fast-paced but eventful.
  • Very entertaining.

What I disliked:

  • Consistent strong language, however, this is clearly stated in the Goodreads description so it was not a surprise.
  • While I liked how quickly the story moved, there is a lot to follow in a limited number of pages.


Again, I really love the idea of this book. I’ve never read anything quite like it. It was fun seeing all of the different forms of creative writing.

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