Book Review: Until September by Harker Jones

“That was when Kyle realized that being sentimental meant he felt more than other people, and he was left wondering whether that made him stronger, or weaker.”

Harker Jones, Until September

Title: Until September
Author: Harker Jones
Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance, LGBT+
Pages: 447 (ebook)
Published: July 8th, 2019

My Rating: ★★★★
Read: 2/17/2023 – 2/19/2023


Not a happy-go-lucky love story for sure, and honestly, I think I prefer it this way. With a beautiful summer backdrop, this coming-of-age story doesn’t shy away from the gritty parts of life.

During a milestone summer vacation, Kyle meets Jack. As he brings him into his group of friends on the island, the boys (and the rest of the group) face a number of trials — many of which will have a lifelong impact on their lives. Though a work of historical fiction, time doesn’t seem to make much of a difference here as the heart of the story is its characters and their lives.

I enjoyed the writing style here. It was full of heart and I found myself connecting to the characters even though they weren’t personally relatable to me (nor were all of them always likable). The plot got a bit busy toward the middle, but it smoothed out again by the end. As I said in the beginning, this isn’t a fluffy romance. It has a realistic feel that is, for me, a refreshing break from too-good-to-be-true romances.

A huge thanks to the author for sending me a free digital copy of the book to read and review!

Likes & Dislikes:

What I liked:

  • Realistic situations as far as romance plots go.
  • The time and setting.
  • The style of writing

What I didn’t like:

  • Fewer characters might have made a difference where the book got a little busy.


This isn’t a book I would have gravitated toward on my own, so I’m grateful to the author for bringing it to my attention and giving me an opportunity to read it!

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