Book Review: Things We Do in the Dark by Jennifer Hillier

“Because while you can reinvent yourself, you can’t outrun yourself. As a woman once reminded her a long time ago, the common denominator in all the terrible things that have happened to you is you.”

Jennifer Hillier, Things We Do in the Dark

Title: Things We Do in the Dark
Author: Jennifer Hillier
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Contemporary Fiction
Length: 12 hrs, 22 mins
Published: July 19th, 2022

My Rating: ★★★★½
Read: 1/4/2023 – 1/6/2023


Though I wouldn’t personally call this much of a thriller, Things We Do in the Dark did not disappoint.

When her well-known husband is found dead, Paris Peralta is the obvious suspect. Though she knows she’s innocent, she’s less worried about the murder charge itself than she is about having her face in the media. This isn’t the first time she’s been in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

With an alternating timeline and POV, we also meet Drew, a true crime podcaster who inevitably comes across Paris’ story. We don’t hear as much from his side, but it brings the story together as it alternates from past to present. However, I don’t think the book necessarily needed his storyline, either. We don’t learn too much about him.

What I enjoyed most were the backstories even though the topics were heavy. Paris and Ruby in particular were well-fleshed out. Where the active thrill is lacking, the characters make up for it. That’s not to say there’s no element of suspense, only that where a lot of what’s being told is in the past tense, we know on some level how things end. The characters made it for me. I enjoyed it a lot.

Likes & Dislikes:

What I liked:

  • Amazing, flawed characters. Likable? It’s debatable, but their flaws made for a page-turner.
  • The writing was strong.
  • Though it touched upon dark and unsettling subjects, nothing was too over the top.

What I didn’t like:

  • Drew felt like an extra. Yes, he is relevant to the story, but I feel like not much would change if he wasn’t there give or take a scene or two.
  • The mysteries were predictable right away.


This is the January group read with The Global Book Nook. It’s one of my favorites that we’ve read together. I’m sort of wishing I bought this one through Book of the Month like I originally planned. I’ve contemplated adding it to my next box but I’m not sure it’s one I’ll ever be compelled to reread.

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