Book Review: The People’s Princess by Flora Harding (ARC)

“Did Charlotte marry a Prince of Wales, as Diana is going to? Was she hidden away before the wedding the way Diana is? Was she bored and lonely, too?”

Flora Harding, The People’s Princess

Title: The People’s Princess
Author: Flora Harding
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 400 (Kindle)
Published: March 31st, 2022 (Kindle) May 17th, 2022 (Paperback)

My Rating: ★★★ ¾
Read: 3/14/2022 – 3/20/2022


When I saw there was a novel featuring Princess Diana, I was so excited! However, it didn’t take long to realize the title is a bit misleading. The book was more about Princess Charlotte than Diana. I did enjoy the connection and similarities between the two. It was also interesting reading about a royal family member I knew nothing about. In that respect I enjoyed it. It’s just that the title had me thinking we’d see Diana later in life (or at least more about her in general). My other quip is that the writing style felt more geared toward a YA audience than an adult, which is fine but that’s personally something I like to be prepared for ahead of time.

I ended up enjoying Charlotte’s side of the story more. My heart breaks for her, but I’m glad here her life was able to provide consolation to a young and anxious Diana as she set forth to her own life of royalty. The dynamic was very touching. I also liked the frankness of Diana’s struggles and her confrontations with Charles. Mentions of Camilla were difficult, but I was glad the book ended on a positive note. Despite it not being what I expected, it was a nice read and it reawakened my interest in Princess Diana after several years.

Thank you to Harper Collins and Netgalley for providing this free ARC copy in exchange for my honest review.


Though I’d prepared myself for a more emotional read in terms of Princess Diana’s life, I have looked back on this reading experience fondly and I’m almost glad it wasn’t a play-by-play biography of her life. There was a hopeful tone to the story. Though we know it was tragically cut short, no one can say Diana’s life was not a success. I have since purchased the Kindle version for myself.

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